QUIZ: Are You Ready For a New Relationship or Are You Just Obsessed With Tandem Bikes?

If you’ve been out of the dating game for awhile, you might be asking yourself if you’re finally ready to get back out there. But are you really ready for a new relationship, or are you just constantly fixated on the idea of riding one big long bike through the park together? Take the quiz below to find out if you’re ready for a new relationship or if you’re just obsessed with the idea of a tandem bike.


How do you feel after your most recent breakup?

  1. Pretty good! I’ve grown a lot, and now I’m ready to share myself with someone else!
  2. Okay, even though I’m still kind of bitter about my ex refusing to buy a tandem bike with me, despite the really good deal we were gonna get on it. But whatever, I guess.


What’s your favorite mode of transportation?

  1. Anything’s basically fine with me! I like taking the bus, train, or car.
  2. That’s hard to say because I can’t currently ride it by myself.



What are you looking for in your next partner?

  1. Someone who’s down to earth and knows what they want in a relationship.
  2. Someone with really ripped calves.


Do you pull your own weight in relationships?

  1. Yes! I believe that all relationships should be 50/50.
  2. I usually prefer the other person to ride up front, so, no, not really.



Mostly 1s: You’ve done the work, you’ve taken care of yourself, and now you’re finally open to love again! Have fun, and good luck out there in the dating scene!

 Mostly 2s: You definitely have an obsession with tandem bikes, which is fine, but just remember to not let this overshadow your decision making when it comes to who to date. Just because someone is good at tandem biking, it doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily be a good partner. Wait, actually, maybe it does!