How to Rebuild Trust After Finding Out Your Significant Other Ate Dinner Before You Came Over

There is nothing more beautiful than spending your time with your beloved ­– but sometimes you arrive at your significant other’s place only to be shattered when they admit they ate dinner before you came over. How can you move forward as a couple after an affair of the stomach? Here’s how to aid your reconciliation process so that you can rebuild trust with your partner after they ate dinner without you.


Eat Breakfast Together

Try not to take it personally, try to see the light and maintain a level head. Instead of responding from a place of hanger, try switching up the mealtime you share together. . Let love blossom over a bacon, egg, and cheese. The sun’s grand rising is a sign of change and newfound trust. Having a morning meal can begin to make up for the fact that you had to eat toast and weird snacks for dinner last night because your SO already had Chipotle and didn’t even think to tell you. Now remember this is only step one, don’t worry if your fractured relationship isn’t healed over avocado toast.


Go to Couples Therapy

There are some relationships qualms that should be handled with a gentle and professional hand. A couple’s therapist can help you and your partner heal from what professionals call edible entanglement. A therapist can also offer reassurance your relationship is not doomed. Even old married couples are facing new mealtime disputes with the rise in food delivery applications. These apps make it easy for a person to go outside their relationship for meals, and violations of trust abound. But at least you’re not alone in this struggle.



Synchronize Your Digestive Processes

The final step to recover is to find harmony in your gut. You must synchronize your all processes in order to prevent another harrowing experience of dinner infidelity. Of course, this is a huge step for two people to take; a union of the intestines must be done with compassion. Proceed with caution and accept your boo just might have to be their own person who has control over their own meals sometimes, even if you were totally expecting to eat together and then you had to figure out your whole own thing. Maybe better communication would fix this? But no try the digestive tract thing, first.


Your relationship will be nourished by your dedication to rebuild after your partner eats one dinner without you. Your relationship might not ever be the same, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never enjoy takeout together again.