Aww, No Thank You—I Actually Ate an Entire Pumpkin, Rind and All, Before I Got Here

Wow, look at all these treats! Unfortunately I’m gonna abstain, since I’m trying to cut back a bit, and I also just ate a pumpkin. Yep, a whole pumpkin – the seeds, the skin, everything.


Those little decorative ghosts are really cute, by the way – did you ice them yourself? Anyways, there’s just so much you can do with a pumpkin – making purees, roasting the seeds, dehydrating the skin, consuming it in its entirety – before you realize the whole pumpkin is gone and it’s not even dinnertime.


No cake for me, thanks.


I’d love to try the hummus, but you can just imagine how stuffed I am. Just to be clear, it wasn’t one of those small pie pumpkins you get at the supermarket. It was a real monster of a gourd that took a surprising amount of effort to digest. What was supposed to be our jack-o’-lantern ended up all inside me now.


I’m sorry if I’m oversharing. I just love pumpkin. A lot of people don’t realize the nutritive benefits of eating a whole pumpkin, rind and all. It may sound indulgent but it’s actually a very healthy treat.



Oh wow, you made caramel apples too? Those look great. But seriously, I’m still full from pumpkin. I really wasn’t exaggerating about how much pumpkin I ate. It truly was an entire pumpkin. By the end it looked like I’d popped it in my enormous mouth and just pulled out the stem, then put the stem back in my mouth and just kinda hoped for the best.


Oooh, a hot toddy? That would really hit the spot right now if it weren’t for this belly full of pumpkin that was surprisingly difficult to swallow – especially that stem. Sorry, I’m starting to realize how rude it was of my to gobble all that down just before I got here. I should’ve saved some room. I just kind of lose control when it comes to pumpkin.


Gosh, I sound like a broken record! Okay, I’ll stop talking about the pumpkin. Look at me over here, one-track-mind, eater of pumpkins. I should’ve just kept it to myself and said I wasn’t hungry. You probably didn’t need to hear the whole eating a whole pumpkin backstory. See, this is how I get when the subject of pumpkins come up. I’m really gonna stop talking about it now.


It’s getting pretty cold out there isn’t it? Haha.


Oh, you have pumpkin pie? Well, maybe just a slice. Please. Stop me if I’m eating too much. I can’t go through this again.