QUIZ: Are You Chewing Loud or Are You Just Really Close to Your Own Mouth?

Whether you’re sitting close to someone, taking your lunch break at your desk, or on a first date, you’re probably wondering if you’re chewing too loud, or if you’re just really close to your own mouth. It’s a question that plagues us all, but now you can take this quiz to find out what’s really going on here!


What are you eating?

  1. Soup, ice cream, a smoothie, or something else that doesn’t require any biting
  2. Popcorn, chips, ice cubes, and pop rocks.
  3. Something in between, like a sort of crunchy salad?


Are people looking at you?

  1. Nope. Everyone’s kind of just minding their own business
  2. Yeah, but they’re probably just curious about what I’m eating, right?
  3. I think so, but I’m also staring directly at people to see if they’re noticing my chewing


How close are you to other people?

  1. I’m at least 10 feet away.
  2. I’m at least 2 inches away.
  3. I’m so anxious I can’t even tell.


How carefully are you chewing?

  1. I don’t know, pretty careful I guess?
  2. Why would I be careful?
  3. I’m making sure that each bite I take is so slow that no one can hear it, but I think they still can.


Have you been told that you’re a loud chewer before?

  1. Never.
  2. A few times.
  3. No, but what if everyone’s lying to me?




Mostly 1s: Don’t worry, you’re probably not chewing loud at all! No one should be concerned about your chewing, and you shouldn’t be either. Keep chompin’ down, no matter how close you are to others! We must eat food to live!

Mostly 2s: Seems like you’re chewing pretty loud, and people are starting to notice. You seem to be really disturbing the peace, try eating somewhere more secluded, like a bathroom stall, or the woods.

Mostly 3s: Okay calm down, you’re probably not chewing very loudly. You’re just really close to your own mouth, so all your bite sounds seem really loud to you. Try not to worry about it too much, but if your anxiety persists maybe try blending up your meal into a smoothie next time. Good luck!