Pride Gear You Can Take the Cost of, Multiply by Two, and Donate That to a Bail Fund

The Pride Backpack (Marc Jacobs, $137.50)

Well, we won’t lie: This backpack sucks! And the above price is incredibly 50% off, so it shouldn’t be any problem donating $275. In fact, if you’re shopping at Marc Jacobs let’s go ahead and assume you can afford to donate even more. $500? $1,000? You can even get creative and donate to other organizations fighting for Black liberation, decarceration, and abolition. Up to you, the world is your oyster now that you’re not getting that backpack! So celebrate pride this month by continuing its work, acknowledging that Black leaders were at the heart and frontlines of queer liberation, and spending your hard-earned gay dollars on something that matters! None of us are free until all of us are free, and that, as the companies who are trying to get your money would say, is the tea.