Poems To Perform For Him On The Third Date

The third date is the perfect time to show him you’re ready to let him know you a little better. And what better way prove it than in verse? Here are some classic poems you can perform anywhere—the park, a restaurant, the movies, even outside his window at 5 AM! Just make sure you know the lines by heart and maintain eye contact with your guy throughout so he knows you’re not one of those dime-a-dozen regular girls. You’re a poetry girl!


Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “How do I love thee?”

This one is a total third date classic for a reason: By saying the word “love” ten times in a 14-line poem, you will subliminally send him the message that you are open to the idea of a relationship. By gesturing at him every time you say the word “thee,” he will gradually get the idea that you are choosing him as your life mate.


“Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

Like you, Ed knows what true love is, and isn’t afraid to sing it hard in people’s faces. Don’t panic if you’re not a singer—“Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?” sounds as romantic read out as it does when sung. If you are singing it, consider recruiting the fifteen friends who will one day be your bridesmaids to work out some sweet, sweet harmonies—it’s about time he met them! He’ll be boning you till you’re 70!



Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare

This is the sonnet he will have heard at every secular wedding he’s ever been to, so subconsciously, he’s already seeing you in a white dress with an atypical hemline. Plus, a love poem with the word “marriage” in the first line saves you from having to work it into a conversation later in the evening! This guy is deleting Tinder as we speak!


“My poem about Mark” by You (!!!)

Most guys expect a little something special on the third date, and this is just the thing to get him hooked! Read him a personalized poem you’ve written based on every single feeling you’ve had about him so far. Re-read your dream journal and recent tweets to see how you’ve been feeling since you met him. String all these thoughts together into one (preferably rhyming) epic poem about your utter commitment to him, your future children’s Daddy. Get the Kleenex ready—he’s probably already crying!


Any of these poems can double as your wedding reading when the big day comes, which will be soon if you perform them right. If he doesn’t propose on the spot it’s probably because you messed it up, so study hard! And get ready for some action: third date + private poetry recital = Boner City!