Old Navy Launches ‘Single Mom’ Collection

Parenting two children alone is hard, but fall fashion doesn’t have to be! Hit up your favorite megastore Old Navy to snag an item from SingleDiva, the vanity-sized stretch wardrobe you’ve dreamed about. Not like you dream anymore – who’s got the time to sleep? If you love clothes with security tabs sewn into every seam, you’ll go gaga for these flirty-but-achievable must-haves:



1. Boot-Cut Yoga Pants
Cut yourself a little slack in life with this hot two-way stretch! These bottoms are perfect for nice evenings out of your bedroom when you go into your kitchen to feed mashed peas to someone who doesn’t even know who the fuck you are.


Available in seamless and mock five-pocket styles.



2. Light-Wash Distressed Jeans
If you’re distressed, then why can’t your pants be? Seriously, does little Jamie even need you? Made with extra-deep pockets for your Clinton-era Nokia – great for when you need to call Steve and leave a voice message about another bounced check. You couldn’t have known it was gonna be like this, girl. It’s not your fault. You are valid.


Sizes 0-24.



3. Crepe “Keyhole” Blouse
Some keyholes are a fashion statement, but this one is just plain practical. Use this flirty cutout to do a quick breastfeeding sesh on-the-go (you can’t afford formula, you just can’t), or for a snappy self-diagnosis on those freckles you’re desperately hoping aren’t melanoma because, seriously, a doctor’s visit? Here? Now?
Comes in Raisin, Bear, and Taupe.




4. Shawl-Collar Cardigan
Is it a wrap-front, or just insanely baggy? You’ll never have time to figure it out because those two snot-monsters are lost in the mall. Let security watch them for a few hours while you nap in the handicap bathroom. They ought to spend some time with a strong male role model.





5. Polka-Dot PJ Gift Set
When reliving your youth abroad in Europe, have you ever wondered, “What if it was me who died in that car accident, not Princess Di?” Cool. Buy this for sleeping, eating, absorbing post-lactate drips, shopping, yelling, and living.


You will die in this.


So fall in to this hot Old Navy autumn fashion, ladies! With these easy single mom tips, it’ll be like you’ve never even heard of family court.