Cameron Diaz Launches Penis Tiara Line

Cameron Diaz has starred in numerous rom-coms and posed for countless magazines. But now she’s taking on a whole new project: launching her own signature line of penis tiaras.


In September Diaz will be launching Royal Ding Dongs, a brand of bachelorette party accessories available exclusively at Party City.The retailer had great success with Lauren Conrad’s California-inspired grass skirt line, but was looking to reach a broader demographic.


“To stay competitive, you have to give the consumers what they want,” said Kenneth Bonning, Senior Executive Vice President at Party City. “And our consumers want tiny plastic penises they can wear, stir their drinks with, or stick in each others mouths depending on how drunk they are. Ms. Diaz embodies exactly this type of fun-loving bachelorette and I have full confidence in her as a brand rep.”



While this is Diaz’s first professional venture into penis accessory designing, she’s been a bachelorette party enthusiast for decades. “Even as a kid, I was making “Bitch-to-be” sashes for my Barbie.”


Diaz has designed phallus-inspired party favors for famous friends like Brooklyn Decker, Kate Bosworth, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. “Cam just has a gift for glitter paint and hot-gluing miniature dongs,” says Hewitt. “Without her, I never would’ve had a penis boa to lasso that Chippendales dancer off the stage. Almost a year later, they’re still trying to sue me. We laugh about it all the time.”


While Diaz is focusing on tiaras this season, fans can look forward to straw toppers, pasta, and whistles in 2015.