Now Is The Time When Women Must Organize (Or At Least Put Everything Into Piles)

The time for great social and political change is upon us. It is vitally important that women come together and rise up in the face of this potentially catastrophic regime. Now more than ever, women must organize!


…or at least put everything into piles throughout the room and then get exhausted at the thought of them and decide to deal with them tomorrow.


Every major revolution and history has been the result of a well carried out resistance. Those that fail tend to do so because of a lack of leadership or in-fighting. This is why women must decide that we are a united force and get everything under control. Across the nation, women need to put calling and emailing your senators into one pile, supporting local elections into another pile, and screaming until you lose your voice into a third pile. Remember: in this political climate, there is no room for error.


Other piles to consider would be a donations to important charities and organizations pile, a peer empowerment and education pile, and, oh shit there’s an old salad bowl and plastic fork that we forgot to throw away in this pile.In this age, we can’t be too lazy to get up and throw it away and then forget about it completely.


The next step is for women across this great nation to examine their piles, recognize that they haven’t self-cared at all yet today, and then leave the piles there for twelve hours. Then, when women get home at night, women must see their piles, decide that they don’t have time to deal with them now even though they have six solid hours with no plans, and leave the room again.


Eventually, women will need to sleep, so they must move their piles onto the floor and then move them back in the morning while they are getting ready for work. All the while maintaining the contents of each pile.



Then after three days, women must come together and get sick of having to deal with the piles each day. At this point, women must organize the piles that live at the end of their beds.


Only then can women take down the oppressive egomaniacs currently running the country. We must be prepared!


So remember, the only way for us to succeed is to organize, and organize now. Or in like three days, but definitely don’t wait any longer than that. It’ll drive you crazy.