New Member of ‘Queer Eye’ Teaches Men How to Clean Their Dicks

We all know the Fab Five. But on the third season of Queer Eye, get ready to welcome the Sexy Six! All the experts you’ve come to love, plus Todd, the newest member of the Queer Eye family who’s ready to help a new generation of struggling straights to learn how to clean their dingy dicks!


“I believe that a man can’t truly evolve into his best self until he lets go of his emotional baggage and lathers behind his balls,” Todd told us in an exclusive interview.


After Jonathan tidies up their facial hair and before Tan teaches them how to French tuck, Todd gets one-on-one time with each contestant to get a sense of their typical dick-cleaning routine – what they’re doing well and where he’ll have his work cut out for him. “Every man is different and there’s no one dick cleaning prescription that will work for every man,” Todd explained. “I’ll work with each of them individually to find out what works. It’s about giving them the tools to clean their own dicks in the future.”


Why did the team change up a formula that was working so well? “We were incredibly proud of all the transformations in our first and second seasons,” said Tan. “But we wanted to push ourselves, to go deeper into uncharted territory. It had become the elephant in the room – we had to tackle these men’s foul-smelling dicks.”


Netflix set out on a nationwide search for the perfect addition to the beloved group of gays. “We saw all these guys who were technically proficient at teaching men to clean dicks, but it all felt kind of empty,” says Executive Producer David Collins. “And then Todd walked in and he was not only thorough in teaching them how to scrub the shaft, but also how to scrub their hearts and open themselves up to personal growth.”


“I saw Todd work his magic and I was just like ‘Yas hunny, now these men can shine from head to toe to head!’” Jonathan told us.



“Todd came in and did such an incredible job teaching these men about dick maintenance, and it really inspired me to go deeper, to find out why they were so bad at washing their dicks,” Karamo explained. “I don’t want to give too much away, but it often has to do with unresolved issues with their fathers.”


Said the wife of one third-season makeover, “Sure, Bobby did an amazing job transforming the house and Antoni taught him how to slice an avocado, but I didn’t start crying until I saw my husband’s immaculate penis.”


“I love hearing feedback like that. Because it’s not just about the dick,” Todd told us, tearing up. “How you take care of your dick is about how you take care of yourself, and how you present your dick to the world. There are so many men out there who are hiding a sweet-smelling dick, because they’re afraid to be vulnerable. I’m here to bring those emotions and those beautiful penises out of hiding.”