Nation Pens Op-Ed Urging Donald Trump to Drop the ‘President’ Title

A recent op-ed article written by the U.S. published last week called on Donald Trump stop identifying himself as “President Trump”, citing that he’s not like a president-president, but rather a businessman with a history of multiple bankruptcies and a canceled reality television host that randomly ended up in the Oval Office.


“The prestige of the presidency has been so diminished by the erosion of democracy and the embarrassment that men have historically brought to the White House that the title doesn’t even make sense,” wrote the nation. “Maybe stop trying so hard and just move on kiddo.”


Literally everyone was swayed by this op-ed.


The nation collectively shared how pissed it is with this pathetic Being There plotline playing out right in front of us all, along with a public health crisis, a contracting economy and national identity crisis occurring simultaneously in the background – something that would be better handled by a real president – you know, one who has successfully led a country.


Many are skeptical that this op-ed was strategically published at a time to kick the badly defeated Trump while he’s on the ground.



“Why make such an effort to write such mean words?” asked tearful Republican lawmakers who remain in denial that President-Elect Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will be moving into the White House this winter. “This is demeaning, demoralizing, and sexist, we’re pretty sure.”


“Trump is America’s most prominent conman and clearest example of how white supremacy and a flawed-by-design political system conspired to place a man who mindlessly spews racist, sexist, ableist, and xenophobic comments on the most public platform,” the nation wrote. “He should be open to commentary, especially when we clearly hate that dumb bitch and after all this shit, we deserve to take him down with a petty ad hominem attack like this.”


The nation also shared that this would apply to women as well if we could ever get our shit together to elect even one, so for now we will continue referring to them as Vice Presidents, Doctors, and other titles based on their earned credentials.