My Roommate Thinks It’s Time for Me to Get Out of the Shower. Here’s Why I Won’t.

women in bathrobe outside shower

With everything going on these days, self-care is more important than ever before, which is why I’m legally obligated to spend one calendar day in the shower avoiding my real life and skyrocketing my water bill into the thousands. But after my first hour in my self-made sanctuary, my roommate thinks it’s time for me to get out. Here’s why I won’t.


I have always been of the mindset that sometimes, you need to put yourself first, regardless of what everybody else thinks. Which is why my roommate calling out over the exhaust fan that she really has to “go to the bathroom” since I’ve been in here “for two hours” won’t faze me. I’ve been putting other’s wants before my own for years, and I didn’t come all this way to cave to someone I live with deciding that her bodily functions take precedent over my self-overindulgence. That’s just not right.



My parents raised me never to give up on anything I set my mind to. So if I got out of the shower now just because “it’s an emergency”, that would make me a quitter. Do you really want me to lower my standards just so you can experience the basic human right of relieving yourself with dignity, Madison? My freedoms don’t end where your fear begins.


Besides, why would I get out of the shower when staying in the shower is safe, warm, and not to mention a great way to feel you’ve accomplished something in a day while avoiding all the actual things you have to accomplish? A constant knocking on the door isn’t going to make me doubt my life choices, and by life choices I mean using up all of the hot water my building has to offer for at least the next three days.


Lastly, my roommate begging to get into our single bathroom when she has nowhere else to go in the middle of a global pandemic has reminded me that I have not even washed my hair or done anything that comes to mind when people say they are taking a shower. Sorry to my haters, and by my haters I mean my roommate who has never wronged me and is well within her right to use the bathroom that she also owns!


So that’s why I won’t be getting out of the shower anytime soon.