My Favorite Disney Princess is Kelly Ripa, And Yes That Counts Because Disney Owns ABC

serious woman next to kelly ripa

I know that people love to judge, but I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a bit of a Disney girl. Whether it’s “a whole personality” or not, it’s just true that the Disney universe is full of wonderful women role models, and I think that’s worth celebrating. But there’s no question that the Disney princess I’m most inspired by is my favorite, Kelly Ripa, and yes that counts because Disney owns ABC.


As an actor, journalist, talk show host, and television producer, Princess Kelly Ripa truly shows little girls that they can be anything in broadcast media. And she’s the only princess from New Jersey and whose father was a labor union president. That’s a backstory. Now some of you may be thinking: isn’t Kelly Ripa a real, live person? And the answer is yes, she absolutely is. And do you know who else was a real person? Hua Mulan, Pocahontas, and probably Belle, too. Iconic (and/or horrifically white-washed) historical figures are regularly the basis for Disney Princesses, and Princess Kelly Ripa is no exception.



Another reason Kelly is my favorite princess is because she has the best prince, Prince Mark Consuelos. Prince Mark Consuelos is the only Disney prince under 5’9”, and arguably the most ripped if we’re not counting the Beast while he’s the Beast. Princess Kelly Ripa and Prince Mark Consuelos met in 1995 and eloped – 24 years later, they’re still happily married, so let that sink in.


Also, if you’re thinking that Mark Consuelos is not a character of the extended Disney universe, then I suggest you check yourself because he’s been helping Kelly make Live with Kelly and Ryan during quarantine and is therefore an employee of The American Broadcasting Company that is a flagship property of Walt Disney Television, a subsidiary of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company. WABAM. (That’s me saying, “wabam!” not a Disney-related acronym).


All in all, Kelly Ripa is my favorite Disney princess because she keeps it real. She has a job, a family, a quick wit, and a fun Instagram that most of the other Princesses are lacking. So I hope Princess Kelly continues to inspire generations to come, and I hope Disney keeps buying more multinational broadcast television networks so that their rich and beautiful web of characters can keep extending forever. Fingers crossed for Bravo!