Help! I Got a Bidet and Now I’m Addicted to Having a Wet Ass

Quarantine started off for me pretty much like anyone else – scrambling to buy toilet paper when it was sold out within a week, so my boyfriend and I decided to finally get a bidet. Now, six months later, I’m in love with my bidet and totally addicted to having a sopping wet ass. Help!!


I’ll admit: Falling in love with this constantly wet ass is not something I saw coming during this pandemic. First I was using the bidet normally, and I’d get my ass just a little bit wet and I realized, wow, this is not as bad as I thought! In a matter of weeks, I went from “I’ll let this air-dry for a few minutes” to full-on getting my ass DRENCHED every time I took a poop.


Now I use the bidet when I pee, and my wet ass thanks me every time. I just can’t stop!


Bidets certainly get my ass cleaner – that’s no question. But this is about my whole, wet ass. I want both of my cheeks, my crevice, and all other parts completely covered in water and moist at all times. Does anyone know how to eliminate this desire that runs so deep within me?



Sometimes when it soaks through my underwear to my sweatpants, my boyfriend asks me, “Did you just work out?” And I respond, “No, I just have a very, very wet ass.”


Yes, it’s inconvenient, especially when I have to run to the grocery store with a large wet spot on my behind, but a cool, watery feeling on your entire butt really can beat any inconvenience. Sure, I notice the stares and the direct accusations, but it’s still all worth it to me. They just have no idea how good it feels to have an ass this wet.


Is there perhaps a more socially appropriate way to enjoy my wet ass? Please email me.


To all the people who use their bidet normally: I love that for you. But for me, I still can’t beat the feeling that is both thrilling and soothing at once, and that is the feeling of having the most sopping wet ass around.