Mom at Aquarium Teaching Kids to Identify Different Types of High People

35-year-old Kathryn Ames of Somerville, MA has been putting her educational background to good use: She visits the New England Aquarium to teach children how to properly identify the different types of high people who visit each weekend.


“Right behind the Betta fish, there is a man whose edible just kicked in,” Kathryn tells a group of curious fifth graders. “He has taken too much, and he’s overwhelmed by the experience.”


Children across the Boston area come to the aquarium excited to learn about the people who are doing the same thing they are, except stoned.


“Over there, by the penguins, you’ll notice a man who is alone,” Kathryn adds. “You can’t really tell that he’s high, because he’s always high. He smokes every morning just to be a normal person.”


Young and old, children have flocked to Kathryn for her fun personality and compelling storytelling, reigniting a love of learning in children about high people.


“Over there, you see that couple?” Kathryn asks as the children nod yes. “They thought it would be fun to get high and go to the aquarium, but because they love each other very much, they actually want to spend some time alone together immediately. They never learn.”


Walking through the aquarium, Kathryn effortlessly points out the various high people of all different walks of life – even the aging punks who have settled down for a quiet life on the South Shore.



“You can really learn so much about people who are interested in what lives in the ocean,” Kathryn tells us. “It really is like going to another planet.”