Men Nice Enough to Let You Walk Between Their Hallway-Obstructing Conversation

After Chris and Dan decided to post up for one of their weekly catch-ups on the opposite walls of a narrow hallway leading to the floor’s only restroom this week, they were kind enough to let you walk between them during their thrilling conversation.


“Haha, that’s a crazy story, Dan!” said Chris as a coworker approached. “Oh, you can come on through. It doesn’t bother us. Come on, you can fit! Yep. There you go.”


Although their conversation could take place anywhere else, such at the water cooler, in the break room, on the same side of one wall, or their own desks, the dudes decided to talk here because it’s where they ran into each other.


“I just love talking to my good bud Chris,” said Dan as he waved another coworker to pass uncomfortably close between them. “Sure, a lot of people walking through interrupts our flow of dialogue, but I don’t really mind too much.”


Office employees have their grievances with Chris and Dan’s hallway chat, but most just make an exaggerated sigh or make a show of how difficult it is to walk between them. Unfortunately, Dan and Chris fail to see these signals because their heads are too far up their own asses.


In the span of 10 minutes, no less than 18 people walked between them, causing Dan and Chris to only slightly readjust their bodies or lift their chins to talk over the passing heads. They have also managed to high-five each other three times for some reason.



“I don’t get it. You’d think having a conversation in a busy hallway would be more annoying for them than it is for us,” said employee and reasonable person Deedee Chang. “I got wedged between them with another person. That’s four people deep. They just kept going.”


It’s unclear whether or not the men like staying in an inconvenient location in order to make everyone extra aware of their ultra-cool presence, but we do have word that on their way into work, one of them held the door open for a female colleague for too long.