Maybe You Should Get into Beekeeping?

bees - reductress

The arrival of summer has us all wondering, “should I get into beekeeping?” Unfortunately many of us dismiss this thought all too quickly due to concerns of the “impracticability” of such an endeavor. But maybe you should reconsider for the following reasons:


The bees are DYING!

I don’t know if you’ve been living on earth lately, but newsflash: bees are dying in droves! If you’re not gonna take personal responsibility for that then you’re probably some kind of capitalist pig.


You can do it anywhere.

You can keep bees in your own backyard no matter where you live! Sure, there are some zoning restrictions and possible complaints from your neighbors, but it would take a real sleuth to trace those bees back to you, right?


Honey tastes great!

Have you tasted honey lately? Because it’s pretty much one of the sweetest things around. Once you get those bees going, you’ll be swimming in an endless supply of free honey. Seriously, it’s yours for the taking ‘cause those dumb little bees can’t do shit to stop you from taking it. I mean, sure, they can try to sting you, but you’ll have a bee suit to protect yourself so suck it, bees!


Beeswax? Yes please!

Think of all the things you can do with some beeswax. Making candles? Check. Wax figures? Sure, why not? Earplugs to keep out the bees and buzzing sounds? Just what the doctor ordered!


You don’t really need a bee suit or all the accessories you think you do.

A simple hat and veil combo works for tending to your bees most days. So that plus a hive and a smoker and you’re pretty much golden! I haven’t done it yet, but it seems to be not that hard. Just go for it!


No really, if those bees die, we’re in for it.

Flowers need bees. Crops need bees. We need life on the planet to continue sustaining our own lives. Think about it. Do you want to die? Because by not beekeeping, you’re basically signing yourself and the rest of human society up for an early grave.


So please, reconsider beekeeping. All the info you need is listed above. You’re just one or two or maybe five quick steps away from saving humanity.