Man Amazed That You Like Yourself

Man Amazed That You Like Yourself


After a recent heart-to-heart, 28-year-old Jake Herman let you know that he’s truly amazed you actually like yourself.


“It’s so amazing to meet such a confident woman,” says Jake. “Really, I cannot believe that you like yourself so much. It totally blows my mind how confident you are.”


After persistently asking you to grab drinks with him after meeting you at a bar once, you decided ‘why not’ and met up with him. While on the date, he kept looking at your eyes, mystified, in an effort to uncover some deep truth about you.


“He said, ‘You’re unique, you know that,’” you told your friends later that night. “Yes, I know that. And him telling me that isn’t like, news to me. Why do guys always think that I’ll finally see my worth because of them?”


“I know I am deserving of great things. That’s how I know I deserve better than that date with him,” you added.


“I’ve never met anyone like you,” says Jake. “I can’t believe you’re so free. Did you just give herself permission to love yourself? What an amazing creature you are.”


Your friends have definitely expressed anger after hearing about Jake.


“He sounds dumb as hell,” says your close friend Andy Villa. “Guys like that are in the end trying to make you feel weird about shining unapologetically. It’s like, of course you love yourself. You are amazing.”


“Ugh that’s a serious reg flag for me,” added your coworker Wendi Carlisle. “It’s actually incredibly insulting to other women, because it’s basically him saying, ‘Wow, other women I’ve met are insecure. You? You’re the best woman.’ Like, no we are all amazing and you are very boring so you’re just trying to say something you think we’ll like.”



Still, Jake thinks the date went well and is looking forward to spending more time with you.


“Hey you,” he texted you, as if you gave him any indication you were interested in hearing from him again. “I just want to say I have never met a woman as honest and vulnerable as you and I can’t wait to see where this goes.”


After rejecting him with a simple ‘I’m not interested in another date’ text, he reached out to us to comment on the situation.


“She’s just super insecure,” said Jake. “Probably intimidated, too. I dodged a bullet, she seems like she has really low self-esteem.”