Male Studio Head Claims ‘Wonder Woman’ Marketing Just Takes Longer to Get Ready in The Morning

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara responded to rumors this week about the inadequate promotion of the new Wonder Woman film, saying that woman-led movie promotion “…just takes a little bit longer to get camera-ready.”


When asked why the studio didn’t have more trailers or promotional videos on their YouTube page, Tsujihara expanded saying, “Female-driven films like to look their best, and this movie really does want to get her face on before she’s out in the public eye.”


Journalists questioned the excuse, noting that the footage of Wonder Woman was shot months ago and delays would more likely be due to post-production delays or a lack of marketing investment on the part of the studio, but the Warner Bros. CEO is adamant that the lag is due to the mysteriously feminine qualities of the fictional film.



“The Wonder Woman movie is really, really particular about what she’s wearing and has to try everything on for size – teaser trailers, promotional events, magazine ads,” he states. “And God forbid she asks you what you think of a tagline. It can take hours of her modeling in front of a mirror. That’s why we haven’t got any billboards up.”


Fans of the comic hero are wondering whether the studio is afraid to put big money behind a female-driven action movie, and they fear that the lack of investment will further reinforce the narrative that female action movies aren’t a safe bet. But the powers that be are roundly denouncing those fears.


“We tried to get this movie out. It’s not our fault she’s dragging her heels. If she’s going to come out, at this point, someone else can go and get her. We’ll be waiting outside at the box office.”