Making an Open Relationship Work For You (Because You’re Definitely Chill Enough to Handle It)

You’re a cool, modern woman. You’re confident, secure, and in control of your sexuality. So when he suggests opening up your relationship, why shouldn’t you be on board? Here are a few ways to breezily deal with the crippling jealousy that comes with your newfound freedom.


Don’t Talk About It (At Least Not With Him)

It’s natural to feel a little (or a lot) of apprehension at the thought of your man getting physical with another woman. You may feel the need to share these feelings with him, especially if he encourages that kind of openness. But don’t do that! You’ll look crazy! Keep a happy-go-lucky attitude while you’re in his presence. If you have to vent to somebody, burden your friends with all your worries about how you’re sure he’s going to fall in love with his quirky coworker.



Draw Clear Boundaries…and Then Ignore Them!

You decided you’d approach this like grown-ups, and lay out a clear list of rules about what’s okay and what’s not, so that nobody gets jealous. But isn’t it better if he’s jealous? Maybe you agreed you’d never hook up at the apartment…so maybe you should do it just one time. And leave some evidence lying around. If he’s going to complain, then he might not be ready for this arrangement after all. But you are. You are very ready.


Disguise Yourself as Other Women

If all else fails, you might just have to take matters into your own hands. If he wants to be with other women, there’s no reason you can’t be other women. Message him on facebook – you should know what he’s looking for by now – and turn up to meet him in an exotic location. Make him believe you’re six inches taller and a brunette, and he’ll be all over you just like you were a stranger. If he realizes it’s you, break down crying and leave. Act like it never happened later.


Open relationships may sound scary, but they’re easy peasy if you follow these simple steps and ignore all the discomfort involved.