Lindsay Lohan is New Official Spokeswoman for Miscarriage Awareness

Miscarriage Awareness - Reductress

Following Lindsay Lohan’s admission that she suffered a miscarriage during the final two weeks of shooting her reality show, the Miscarriage Awareness Center of America (MACA) has named Lohan the new official celebrity spokesperson for Miscarriage Awareness.


In a written statement, MACA explained that they felt Lohan was the perfect choice for their new campaign.  “A lot of people associate miscarriage with that really sad friend everyone has,” the statement read, “So, to get someone young and exciting like Lindsay is a major coup, and puts a fresh face on it that has been missing for so long.”


“Plus, she really needed the money.”


Representatives from the organization continued by saying that it wasn’t just Lohan’s age that makes her the ideal spokeswoman, but also how she handled the news of her own miscarriage. One member notes: “Lindsay really shone a much-needed light on all the opportunities that miscarriage has to offer people of which they might not be aware.”



The organization also took to task the skeptics who doubt the authenticity of Lohan’s story, saying, “The important thing is that people are now aware that average women just like them can have a miscarriage. We’re hoping to make “miscarriage” one of the top Google searches of 2014, so we thank Lindsay for bringing this issue to the mainstream.”

MACA’s previous spokeswoman, Tyne Daly, could not be reached for comment.