“Herbie’s Fully Loaded, Not Me” – Lindsay Lohan Gunning for Sequels

lindsay lohan

As we’re constantly reminded of Lindsay Lohan’s tragic fall from fresh-faced youth to a haggard, later youth, it’s difficult to believe she could ever return to her former glory. Before small screen blunders Liz and Dick and The Canyons, Lohan was charming viewers, critics and casting directors with equal parts sweetness and spunkiness. In her latest attempt at reinvention, Lohan is eagerly shopping around new scripts, pumping for sequels to the more wholesome films she starred in in the late ‘90s and early 2000s:
In The Parent-Trap…Again, Lohan pitched playing both twins, one a bright PhD. student, the other a holographic image of what the future could hold if she let the success of their musical duo go to her head and turned to a life of addiction. There may not be parents in this film, but there is a feel-good ending!

In Freaky Thursday, Friday and All Weekend, Lohan emphasizes that, “the role of the daughter is played by me,” using leftover footage of her 2003 version of Freaky Friday. The part of the mom would also be played by Lohan, filmed talking to herself in her Los Angeles home.
Lohan is also shopping a script for Don’t Be So Mean, Girls, where she would play a first-year teacher who shows her high school students how to get along by scaring them with pictures of what she used to look like before she hit bottom, went to jail, and got her teaching degree online.
And in Herbie’s Fully Loaded, Not Me, Lohan doesn’t play a character. The film is a safe-driving instructional video, where Lohan explains the dangers of DUIs and hitting pedestrians on NYC streets.
Lohan insists these films are not part of any probationary requirements, but a real attempt to clean up her act and reconnect with former fans. “I may not be that cute little Lindsay they knew and loved, or the hot mess Lindsay they knew and loved, but I can give them this broken-down version of my former self repackaged in an old familiar way.”