Lawmaker Doesn’t Want Trans People to Compete in Women’s Sports or Exist

In response to a made-up problem, Wisconsin legislator Jeanine Fraser is pushing for laws that back her and other Republican lawmakers’ belief that transgender people should not be permitted to compete in women’s sports or exist.


“If we allow trans women into women’s sports, that will be the end of female athletic achievement,” Fraser said despite there being no evidence to support this claim and plenty that discredits it. “We have to face facts.”


“This is about protecting our girls,” added Fraser, who has never supported abortion rights, comprehensive sex education, parental leave, or any other issue that disproportionately impacts cis women.


“Personally, I respect anyone’s decision to identify however they please,” Fraser lied, “But we have to draw a line when that begins to infringe on biological women’s rights.”


Strangely for someone who purports to respect trans people, Fraser’s fight for “women’s rights” appears to be exclusively based on stripping away the rights and protections of trans people that make it possible for them to survive and exist with basic dignity and safety.


“Her point of view is sort of confusing,” said one constituent, Bryce Reynolds. “Once she shared a tweet with a picture of a trans boy wrestling against a cis girl and said ‘Does this look right to you?’ It was literally an example of what she is fighting for — kids being forced to compete with others of the same gender assigned at birth. Like, what is going on?”


It’s almost as though Fraser doesn’t really give a shit about high school sports so much as she wants to target one of the most vulnerable groups in the country and make their lives impossibly hard.



“There are so many horrible things that can happen when sports are no longer sex segregated,” said Fraser. “None of them ever have happened before, but we can only keep it that way by demonizing trans teenagers until they’re just too afraid and miserable to participate in anything.”


“Again,” Fraser added, “this is just the option that’s fair for everyone I think should exist.”