I’ve Never Been More Sure of Myself, Don’t You Think?

The time comes in every woman’s life when she lets go of doubt and steps into her power as a free-spirited warrior queen. You know that moment when you let go of fear and embrace the uncertainty and excitement of living life on your terms? You do? Is it okay after? Are you sure? I am sure, but are you sure? Is that okay?


Yesterday I walked out of my job. The company where I’ve worked for the past three years no longer felt true to my life purpose, and if I don’t listen to my inner voice, who will? Will you? Would my boss have listened to my inner voice if I’d told her about my deep job dissatisfaction earlier instead of just resigning? What do you think? Either way, I don’t care what she thinks, just as long as it’s nothing bad or potentially bad.


Life is easier when you stop caring what people think—right?


Right as I walked out of that office for the last time, I experienced euphoria unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Which must mean it was the right decision, I guess? Unless I was unknowingly at the peak of a manic episode that I am now crashing down from. Could I be secretly crazy and not even know it? I’m pretty damn sure I’d know now if I was going to regret this. I mean… wouldn’t I? Things have never been more clear, I think.



What I realized is, why should I spend my days in an unfulfilling administrative position? Life is short and I can’t have been put on this earth to spend my days sitting next to Karen doing data entry. I mean, obviously somebody has to sit next to Karen, and there’s a lot of data in the world that needs entering, but I find it hard to believe 100% that I’m definitely predestined to be one of those people, I guess. Don’t you?


The point is, life is short and you have to follow your heart because this could all end at any time, and we won’t know when, but if you do know when, you should tell me because I’m not sure. Anyway, guys, it was just a job! I could get another one because I’m confident in my abilities. My abilities are worth being confident in, right?


Who’s to say if I’ve made the right decisions in my life? Is it you? Will you say anything? Anything at all? No? That’s cool. Like I said, I’ve never been more sure of myself. I think.