‘It Was to Correct a Deviated Septum,’ Says Woman After BBL

In news coming out of Washington, D.C., 28-year-old Lisa Howard has recently come out of her recovery from getting Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, which she says she had to undergo to “correct her deviated septum”.


“There’s definitely a stigma that comes with getting a BBL,” Lisa told us. “A lot of people are shocked that I had a dangerous surgery to make my butt bigger, but when I tell them that it was to correct my deviated septum, they’re a lot more understanding.”


Lisa told us that she has actually been suffering from her deviated septum for a long time, which also directly affected how small her ass was.


“Not a lot of people know this,” Lisa said. “But a common side effect of a deviated septum is having a small butt, which is why I’m so grateful that this surgery helped me to finally move past this chronic symptom, and rid me of my deviated septum for good.”


While we’re still not clear on how these two are related, we were able to catch up with Lisa’s friends and loved ones who had varying opinions on her recent surgery.


“Lisa has never had a problem with her septum,” Lisa’s mother, 66-year-old Jennifer Howard, told us. “And even if she did, I’m pretty sure that there are other procedures she could’ve done to help with that. I just don’t see how getting a BBL would fix that.”


Other people who know Lisa had some questions as well.


“I’ve heard of people getting nose jobs while they were already getting surgery on their deviated septum,” Lisa’s friend, Jia Chen, told us. “But I guess maybe liposuction can help too? I don’t know – I’m not a doctor.”



However, despite people’s skepticism, Lisa remains standing confidently in her own truth.


“I don’t care if there’s people out there who might doubt my story,” she said. “Because I know the truth. Also I can also breathe so much better now, and no one can take that away from me!”


At press time, Lisa has been reported to have scheduled a facelift to fix her injured ACL.