Is Your Boyfriend The Zodiac Killer?

You’ve finally met the man of your dreams. He’s intelligent, supportive, and handsome to boot. But did you know they never found the Zodiac Killer? That means any man, including your man, could be an at-large murderer. True love is very hard to come by, but you should always make sure he isn’t an infamous psychopath from the 1960s. Here are some ways to decode the cypher of whether or not your love is also the Zodiac Killer:


Find Out About His Past

There’s not a whole lot we know for sure about the Zodiac Killer, but he definitely lived in the San Francisco area. You’re not sure where he’s from or how he’s spent his life up to this point? Try to sneak it into conversation over dinner. “I love this wine. They said it’s from California in the late ‘60s. Have you ever been to California in the late 1960s?” If your man says yes, you may be looking at the zodiac killer himself. If he says no, don’t trust him because the Zodiac Killer would definitely lie about that.


Get A Confession

We all have secrets. Maybe your boyfriend had a troubled childhood, or a failed engagement, or maybe he’s wanted by California law enforcement for numerous unsolved murders. If you’re unsure where he falls, turn a fun game into an interrogation. Try to tempt out the truth in a game of Truth or Dare, or drop the clue “Zodiac Killer” into a game of charades and see if he just points to himself. (The Zodiac Killer would definitely cheat in charades by pointing.) Or maybe you’ll just notice one of his fingers go down when you say, “Never have I ever murdered seven people in the span of one year.”


Role Play

The bedroom is the perfect place to extract information. His guard will be down, and you can suggest a little role-playing. You’ll be a high school senior who’s parked at Make-Out Point, and he can be the Zodiac Killer. If your man thinks that sounds a little off-putting, it might be because he’s the Zodiac Killer and you’re getting too close to his secret. But if he’s into it, it might be because he is the Zodiac Killer and he’s comfortable playing himself. Either way, there’s a legitimate chance your boyfriend is the Zodiac Killer.



Is He Really Old?

The Zodiac Killer struck between 1968 and 1969, so if he’s still alive he’s probably around 70 years old. Sure, your boyfriend has probably told you his age, and there’s a good chance he’s plenty younger than 70. But do you know that for sure? There’s only one solution. Find his birth certificate. If he turns out to be an old man who looks young, you’ve been sleeping with Mr. Zodiac himself. But if that certificate says he’s 31, then he’s probably the Zodiac Killer and he forged a new birth certificate to throw his pursuers off the trail. Pretty clever, Zodiac…


There’s nothing in the world that feels as good as falling in love, except knowing for sure that you didn’t fall for an on-the-loose serial killer. But at the end of the day if it feels right when you hold each other, and you know he wants to be with you, then your boyfriend is probably just the right guy and not the Zodiac Killer. Or maybe the right person also happens to be the Zodiac Killer. Hey, who knows? You might be into dating the Zodiac Killer.