Is Your 12-Year-Old Daughter Pretty Enough to Be Your Alter Ego?

A lot of us bring kids into the world for this purpose: to have cute Mini-Mes pose as us and serve our creative needs. But is your own daughter pretty enough to fulfill this duty? Thanks to pop star Sia, having a cute 12-year-old girl pose as your alter ego is all the rage. We are totally jealous of Sia’s aspirational friendship and creative partnership with Dance Moms star and noted child Maddie Ziegler. They walk the red carpet at the Grammys together, they work on music videos together, and they even dress alike!


If you want to outsource your appearance and identity to your dear daughter, here are some questions to ask yourself.


Does she have acne?


The problem with 12-year-olds is that they almost always go through puberty within a few years. If your daughter has zits on her face but still wants to be your Mini Me, you might want to lend her one of Sia’s veils first.



Is she a dance prodigy?


Maddie Ziegler starred on Lifetime’s Dance Moms, has won state and national dance competitions, and has an arabesque TO DIE FOR. We know you started your daughter in dance classes at the age of two, but can your little girl swing from the chandelier?



Can she hold her own against Shia LaBeouf?


Either through the power of dance or sheer fierceness, could your daughter take on this Hollywood loose cannon? That’s a crucial feature in picking a Mini Me: Would she be able to survive being stuck in a birdcage with a Transformers star-turned-performance artist like in the “Elastic Heart” video?



Will she make you look gross by comparison?


You want your daughter to be beautiful and have all the opportunities in the world, but sometimes it’s natural to feel jealous. If you publicize your daughter’s cuteness and have her walk red carpets instead of you, will that make you feel insecure in your own beauty? Definitely something to think about.



Having a Mini Me may be the latest pop culture trend, but your baby girl better be pretty enough! If it turns out she’s not a good fit, you can always settle for identical manicures with this one and start trying for another kid.