Fun Ways to Ask A Total Stranger to Retake An Unflattering Photo

Selfies don’t always cut it. There are moments in every woman’s life that are so essential to document, she needs to suck it up and ask a stranger to take her photo as many times as is necessary for her to be happy with the results. Luckily, strangers love having their day interrupted by someone asking them to pause whatever it is they’re doing to take pictures of someone they’re never met and will likely see again. However, you may need to give them permission to take the half a dozen photos they want to snap of your funny, adorable pose. Which is why it’s imperative that you have a few fun, easy ways to ask unsuspecting tourists to take not just one photo, but as many photos as you need before you get one where you don’t look weird.



Give a Playful Reason


Give your chosen stranger a reason to believe this photo is motivated by something other than your own narcissism, like telling them you have a fashion blog, or that you’re famous in some other way. Odds are, the man from Boca in the Tommy Bahama shirt will believe you and will be excited to go home with a story of something actually interesting that happened to him while on vacation! He needs this as much as you do.



Be Constructive


If they’re wandering around in an area where photos could be taken, chances are your stranger wants to learn to be a better photo taker! They probably have a deep interest in why you didn’t like the first photo, but they’re probably just too polite to ask. Be sure to tell them exactly what it is you hate about how your thighs look and offer helpful hints like “Oh, it’s just the little button right here,” if they’re fumbling around, embarrassed by their inability to capture your beauty. Some constructive advice will definitely make them want to stand there taking photos of you for as many hours as it takes.


Pull a “Delete and Repeat”


Nothing endears a stranger to you more quickly than convincing them they’re incapable of performing as basic a function as taking a photo. If you’ve already tried being instructional and your eyes are still doing that weird crossed thing they do sometimes, just delete the image quickly and hand your phone back to the stranger. Let them know that “that one didn’t take,” then hand it right back. So easy! This quick explanation allows them to retake your photo another six or 12 times without questioning “why?”.



And there you have it! You’re ready to go out there and inconvenience someone who’s just trying to enjoy the same sights as you.