Is He Your Boyfriend or the Guy That’s Airbnbing the Left Side of Your Bed?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the guy sleeping next to you is your loving and committed boyfriend, or a traveling stranger that’s short-term renting out the other side of your full-sized IKEA Malm bed because you needed a little extra money and also “why not?” When you wake up confused next to a man, unsure whether he’s contemplating his feelings for you or a mediocre review of your apartment, consider the signs below.


He Asked You To Tell Him About “The Coolest Parts of the City

Sure, he might want to get to know you better by exploring the city you share, but when was the last time a guy who lived nearby wanted to walk through a museum with you? It’s more likely that he wants to squeeze some solo sight-seeing into his three-day stay at your apartment for the East Coast leg of his band’s tour. Sorry, this is not a committed relationship; you just Airbnb’d the left side of your bed for $35 a night.


He Keeps Forgetting Where You Keep The Towels

The love of your life might be a bit forgetful sometimes, but if he’s exiting your shower dripping wet while frantically typing into his Dutch-to-English translator app to ask you about towels, he very likely might be the guy that’s paying the $50-a-night weekend rate to sleep on the left side of your bed.



The Only Time He Called You Was To Ask For the WiFi Password 

If he’s your man, why doesn’t his laptop remember your wifi network? Probably because he has a foreign phone that can only text in Whatsapp and he’s never been to your apartment before today because he’s an Airbnb guest who’s agreed to a very small and cheap sleeping space.


He Wanted to Netflix But Didn’t Want to Chill

It’s possible your boyfriend wants to watch a bad action movie without your commentary about “the lack of plot” or “realism,” but if he’s using your Netflix account to watch travel documentaries and he’s shown no interest in having sex with you, he might just be that dude from Airbnb.



He Put a “Do Not Disturb” Sign on the Door

You’ve always wondered about an open relationship, but if you saw a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your front door followed by a “Where do you keep your condoms?” text, it’s possible you’re not in a relationship with this guy. If you get home to find both sides of your bed occupied, he’s definitely that guy from Airbnb!


Remember, regardless of what you discover this time around, it’s critical to remain mindful of your Airbnb listing for half your bed, as you never know when someone who you are totally convinced is your boyfriend ends up being a strange man that paid to break your coffee maker and drool on your throw pillows. When in doubt, consult this list of signs to make sure he is paying to be there.