Is He Psychic or Just Listening to What You’re Saying?

Lately, it seems like your man knows exactly what you’re thinking. He’s remembering important anniversaries, showing up to places on time…he’s practically anticipating your every need! Did this change come about because he’s reading your mind? Or is he just listening to what you say when you speak? Take the quiz to find out:


You come home to a sparkling clean apartment. Yes! You’ve been begging him to clean up for weeks. What finally spurred him into action?

A. Before you left for work, he stared deeply into your eyes. You saw a flash of light and felt a chill run down your spine. “I’ll get the Magic Eraser,” he said.

B. As he lay sleeping in bed that morning, you poked him in the chest with a broom handle. “Are you cleaning the fucking apartment today, or what?” you snapped. He sat up, bleary-eyed. “What?” he said. “Clean this apartment today or I’m kicking you out!” you screamed, before throwing a sponge at him and slamming the door.


It’s time to get dressed for your friend’s wedding when you discover that he’s already laid a dress out on the bed for you. It’s the exact one you want to wear! How did he know?

A. Before you got in the shower, he started humming softly and rocking back and forth. Your body ached for a moment. You felt as though you were sinking into quicksand. “The pink dress,” he said. “You should wear the pink dress.”

B. He asked if you wanted to get brunch. “Jesus Christ, we’re going to a wedding today! I told you this like seven times!” you shrieked. “What wedding?” he said. You turned on him in white-hot rage: “Sarah’s! It’s SARAH’S!! Do you ever listen to a fucking thing I say? Lay out my pink dress before I get out of the shower! We’re gonna be late!”



You open your closet and find the sweaters you took to the dry cleaner hanging in a neat row. Wow! What prompted him to make such a thoughtful gesture?

A. Last night as you laid together in bed, he closed his eyes and knit his brow. Suddenly, you could smell cookies baking—your dead grandmother’s cookies. The air grew thick and warm. He whispered in your ear: “I’ll get the dry cleaning.”

B. You started to hand him the dry cleaning ticket. “Yeah, yeah, I got it!” he said. “Got what?” you challenge, ready for a fight. “Pick up bagels, like you said!” You throw the ticket in his face. “That’s not what I was going to say!” you screamed.



Your man compliments you on your new haircut, even though it was just a trim. How did he notice?

A. Before you left for the hairdresser, he touched your shoulder. Your mind went blank and you forgot how to form words. “You should consider bangs,” he said.

B. You told him you were leaving for a haircut. “Will you bring me back some Gatorade?” he asked, never taking his eyes off of the TV. “Haircut!” you bellowed in his face, sending his Xbox controller flying out of his hands. “I’m! Going! To get! My hair! Cut!”



Mostly As: there’s an excellent chance your man possesses the magical power of mind reading and is making telepathic determinations. Be careful what you think around him!

Mostly Bs: Sounds like he’s just a great listener. You’re one lucky lady! Maybe don’t be so hard on him.