Blow His Mind By Giving Him the Bigger Half of the Burger You’re Sharing

Nummies - Reductress

Want to spice things up in your relationship? Make his night one for the record books by giving him the bigger half of the burger you’re sharing. Your man won’t know what hit him when you cut the burger in half, see that there’s a slightly bigger half and give it to him. His animal brain will be on fire! Embrace the meat goddess you are and prepare for the hottest night you two have ever shared at a burger joint.


Don’t be afraid to take control.

The lights are low(ish), the ambiance is sort of right; now all you need is to get his engine revved up and ready to go. When the burger arrives at the table, dominate the plate to do the burger-splitting. This leaves his hands free to explore his phone while you get down to the sexy business of meal-sharing. You’re a woman after all—you were born for this.


Let yourself go crazy.

Sure, the bigger half is actually closer to you—so he’d probably never notice if you gave the larger burger chunk to yourself—but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little naughty, spinning that thing around, and giving him the shock of his live. Don’t be a wet blanket—open your mind and let loose some sexy new burger moves tonight.



Keep him on his toes.

You’ve already got him hot and bothered by forcing him to split a burger with you in the first place when he could easily eat one by himself. So it’ll rock his world when he sees you place the marginally larger slab of meat on the side plate and offer it to him, no strings attached. Bonus tip: Eye contact is a sure way to deepen your burger-sharing connection, so make sure to lock eyes with your stud as you slide the plate his way.



Give him a big finish.

Let’s face it, no guy’s going to turn down a bigger burger half. But don’t let your hot romp end there. Now’s a great time start moaning about how good the burger is. Enthusiasm is a major turn-on: Seeing how much you’re enjoying your half of the burger will only increase his enjoyment of his half. You might even want to leave one bite of your half that you “just can’t finish” to really push him over the edge.


Remember, ladies: Not only is this burger an opportunity to blow his mind, it’s also a tasty burger. Everybody wins!