Is He A Real Man, Or Just Sponsored Content?

It’s hard to find a real man these days—one who can change a tire, sweep you off your feet, and not be sponsored content. Is that hottie the real man of your dreams, or is he just a branded video clip trying to sell you an auto loan? Here are some key questions to ask to if he’s the kind of guy who says all the right things or just a hot piece of consumer brand engagement:


Is he a hot guy, or is he just a picture of a hot guy placed between other pieces of content?

It’s not always easy know the difference between a hottie on Tinder or a hottie trying to show you the wonder of Texas tourism. Make sure his photo is surrounded by words that would be in a normal human dating profile, like the name of his cool dog or a list of his favorite hobbies, and not series of remarketed native ads sandwiched between pieces of high-quality content.


Does he pick you up in his sweet car, or does he give you advice on how to get rid of belly fat?

Real men can afford to own a sweet ride, and they aren’t afraid to pick you up for a date. Sponsored content, on the other hand, will just constantly hound you with talk of the latest supplements to get rid of your belly fat. Is that what you want in a man? We didn’t think so. That’s how you know it’s sponsored content and not a man.



Are people more likely to look at him or a banner ad?

A real man commands attention in a room with his presence alone. Only really good sponsored content will command that kind of attention. So sure, he might be a real man or just really, really good sponsored content. And it’s not like that’s the worst thing, right? Obviously a real man is the only man for you, but like, maybe don’t write someone off just for being chock-full of SEO.


Is he direct, or is he direct-to-consumer marketing?

Sponsored content tells a story around a brand so you can relate and feel more connected, but a real man just tells it like it is. That’s not always good. Maybe sponsored content isn’t so bad after all. Maybe he’s the one (zero one one zero one one) you’ve been looking for!


With so much sponsored content out there, it’s hard to find a real man who is human and not just content designed to promote brand engagement. Make sure to look for a man who says words that are designed to inspire you but ALSO has a beating heart and skin and a driver’s license and a soul. Good luck!!