Intense Ways to Get People to RSVP to Your Sugar-Free Cookie Exchange

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The holidays are a busy time and it’s hard for anyone to commit to attending any event, let alone your sugar-free cookie exchange. If you want people to show up to your revolutionary and healthfully minded party, you need to be more aggressive. Get them to say ‘yes’ with these hardcore tactics:


1. Let Them Know It’s for Their Health.

You’re not organizing this sugar-free cookie exchange for your health. It’s for theirs! Since obesity is a leading cause of disease, use that to your advantage as the savior that you are. Tell Monica that if she keeps stuffing her face with those full-sugar gingerbread men, she’ll be too dead to ever meet her grandchildren. Isn’t that so sad? Present this case powerfully and she’ll waddle straight home and bake a batch of coconut flour lumps for your fun party.


2. Meddle in Their Lives

It’s easy to find out people schedules if you put your mind to it. When you see what their ‘conflict’ with your party is, rearrange their life activities to suit your needs. Once you get that dance recital cancelled, you can tell Nancy that she is, in fact, available this Sunday at 3pm. Remind her that brown sugar is still sugar and not allowed in those peanut butter balls she made last year.


3. Send an Invoice

You’re putting a lot of time into this party and sugar substitutes aren’t free, so expect to be paid for your work if your RSVP’d guests back out. Present your guests with an invoice of how much this cookie exchange costs per person. The amount due is either the their share of the cost, or they can pay by attending! Nothing motivates people more like being charged for something they don’t want.



4. A Brick Through Their Window

Make your own handmade invitation by throwing a brick through Janice’s window. She can’t keep saying she never got the invite when she’s pulling glass out of her white shag carpet.


5. Blackmail

Everyone in the office knows Alicia’s dirty little secret, except her fiancé. Let it slip to Alicia that if she doesn’t arrive at your house with some Double Flour-Salted Nut Stacks, then her groom-to-be will be getting a photo collage of her going down on the head of HR. You can guarantee she won’t be fashionably late to your cookie swap!


6. Ransom

The only thing better than a handwritten invitation is ransom note. Kidnap Charla’s pug, Taco, and Mia’s husband, Ken. Then create a cute paper craft letter threatening their loved ones unless they come to the cookie exchange. Now, you can count on Mia and Charla will be at your party with boxes of sugar-free tooth breakers.


Your sugar-free cookie exchange is only as sweet as the people who attend. So force them to be there with an aggressive message that they will definitely get!