Instead of a Husband and Children, Here’s Why I’m Filling My Home With LED Mood Lights

Spending a year in quarantine has really forced me to reflect on my priorities, and I finally realized how much society’s expectations have dominated my adult life until now. Life isn’t all about endless work and being underpaid for your labor; it’s about enjoying peaceful moments with yourself and people who treat you with respect. And that’s exactly why I’ve stopped planning a family and have since pivoted to filling my home with LED Mood lights.


And I haven’t looked back since.


Before the pandemic, I worked tirelessly at finding a husband in order to start a little family of our own. It was exhausting and left me feeling burned out, week after week. But that all changed when I ordered a few LED color-changing lights to help me separate work time a little bit more. I realized they really truly could respond to my mood in a way that no man or smile from an innocent child ever had. They even have a black light function, which is so dope.


The pink and orange setting on the lights felt like a warm hug. But not a warm hug that a husband or child would give you, no, this was given unconditionally without any effort in a relationship. And it was only like $13.



Other settings, like the party setting that cycles through the rainbow, or the deep blue setting that is just really blue bring the fun and variety to my life that I would’ve once wanted from a child. But since this is effortless and won’t affect my body, I am happy to forgo children for more LED mood lights in my life.


Ever since LED mood lights have entered my life, I knew this was the one thing that would make me happy. I have since replaced every lightbulb in my house with one, even the one in my bathroom, because I deserve the responsiveness and love that LED mood lights have given me every moment of the day. I hope other women out there see there is a viable alternative for us when it comes to what is going to make us happy in the future. Will your husband and kids change the light color to match the vibe of the dump you’re taking (usually purple)? I didn’t think so.