How I Became the Best Version of Myself by Mirroring My Front Camera

For years, I have felt like my full potential was out of reach. I tried every self-care trick in the book, realigned my goals, and worked hard in various areas of my life. But something was still missing no matter what I did. Finally, when my phone updated to iOS14, I found what had been missing all along: the mirroring feature on my front camera.


All my life I have been stuck with self-help books telling me to write down my dreams and my goals and meditate every morning to rid my mind of “clutter”. And yet, nothing in my life really changed – I still had the same job, the same shitty attitude, and no relationship to speak of. But ever since I mirrored my front camera, I now feel a level of confidence that used to be reserved for super hot people on Instagram. And that confidence has brought me so much: a better experience with my job, more confidence to speak my mind, and a hot boyfriend who kind of has some issues but is also very hot.


All it took was seeing myself exactly the way I always see myself: in a mirror.



Since then, I’ve never had to ask my kind of shitty boyfriend to take a picture of me, because I can just take it myself. When people see me, they see a person who knows exactly who they are. And no outdated iOS will ever change that – not even an Android.


Gone are the days when I would have to reckon with my face’s lack of symmetry. Now, I only see my perfect, beautiful mirror image, and feel so much better about myself. I am so happy to become the best version of myself, and finally stop improving as a person. Thank you, Apple!