Why My Husband Is Such A BoyBoss

Lately, there’s been a lot of focus on all the amazing women who have become their own girlbosses – all of these badass ladies took life by the horns and created something amazing! And that’s why I want to celebrate someone who I’ve chosen to spend my life with, who not only excels in his field, but maintains an impeccable work-life balance and is an inspiration to young boys everywhere. That’s why my husband, Jake, is a TOTAL boyboss. I’m just so proud of him my boyboss!


Now, of course, I suppose I could just call him what he is – a Senior Vice President of Global Research. But there’s just something so different, so extraordinary about Jake that makes him so much more than that. The way he knocks down walls in his industry, the way he looks in a jewel-toned suit ­– he has truly gone above and beyond a regular ol’ boss and deserves his own special, diminutive title that acknowledges his accomplishments and also makes sure you know that he is a powerful boy. That’s what makes him such a badass and a boyboss!


And sure, he’s 36 years old and we have two children, but when you become a leader at an impressively young age, excel at parenting despite your incredibly busy schedule, and have a coy, dazzling smile that just lights up a room, you just warrant being called something that encapsulates your unique position in the world. Some people would call him “brash” or “abrasive” when he sets the tone for his team of over 150 people worldwide, but I would just say, “That’s my Tim, being a boyboss again!”



For so many reasons, my husband is a confident, independent man who isn’t afraid to speak up and stand up for what he believes in. Because besides the fact that he was on the Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, supports a ton of local philanthropic endeavors, and mentors underprivileged up-and-comers in his industry, he also looked so cute in that branded photoshoot he did for AWAY luggage! That’s why I love my boyboss husband! #BOYBOSS!