Instagrams to Mask Your Serious Misgivings About the Future of This Relationship

You may not be able to change your rapidly waning feelings for your live-in bae, but you can definitely hide them—using only the storytelling power of social media! Whether you’ve been having doubts for a few weeks or a few years, your Instagram is the perfect place to reassure yourself and 293 of your closest friends that you’ve never been happier or more optimistic about where this relationship is headed. These five ‘grams are so persuasive, you may even convince yourself!


Your Feet and His Feet, Tangled Sexily in a Pile of Blankets

Nothing says, “We just woke up in the same bed and still have all our limbs!” like a picture of your adorable feet. So you spent the night softly sobbing into your pillow about your lost youth and missed opportunities while your boyf snored next to you, oblivious to both your suffering and your dreams—that’s your little secret. Tell the world the story you wish were true with the following hashtags: #bestboyfriendever, #lazysunday, #snugglebuddy, #nevergonnagiveyouup


Homemade Brunch for Two

If you had covertly reactivated your OkCupid account last night “just to see,” then why would you be digging into a huge stack of homemade warm banana chocolate chip pancakes this morning with your lover and soul mate? A blissful brunch ‘gram is cold, hard evidence that you guys can spend all night together and still tolerate each other in the morning.



You, Your Guy, and Someone Else’s Dog

Dogs live an average of 8 to 14 years. How could your love be anything less than rock solid when you’re making a commitment to be photographed holding something that will likely still exist in 14 years? You know what else will still be around in 14 years? Memories of this embarrassing period of your life, and lots of lingering regrets.


A Picture of the Sunset in which Your Boyfriend is Not Pictured, but You Have Inexplicably Tagged Him Anyway

Let the world know that when you saw the sun sinking down behind the trees, you were definitely standing next to your boyfriend, and not just standing by yourself on one of your increasingly frequent stress runs. You’ll see a metaphor for the light going out of your relationship, but all your friends will see is a girl who appreciates natural beauty, and is absolutely having physically and emotionally fulfilling sex tonight.



A Screenshot of a Heartfelt Text Message from Him (or Any Text Message from Him)

Everyone knows that communication is the key to a successful long-term relationship, so post the proof for everyone to see: You guys totally communicate about all kinds of things, like how you’re running 15 minutes late and also could he please pick up toilet paper? Sure, he doesn’t get your jokes and recently revealed that he’d like to “move back to the Midwest” “when we have kids” to “be closer to my parents” because “we can’t live this way forever,” but how could anyone doubt your devotion when you’re captioning your convos with the smiling heart-eyes emoji? It’s legal to keep dating someone even if you don’t love them!


You two used to love each other. Now, with a just few strategic posts, you can easily keep up the façade that you still do! Now sit back, relax in uncomfortable silence, and let the “Likes” roll in.