Inspiring! This Woman Has The PERFECT Response for Daniel If He Ever Texts Her Again

Meghan C. is just a normal medical assistant from Columbus, Ohio who loves mountain biking and Beyoncé. But recently, mild-mannered Meghan channeled the earth-scorching power of Lady Bey when she crafted the PERFECT response for her Tinder date to use, if he ever texts her again.


Although Meghan admitted that their last date was “weird” and he has not responded to her at all since, in the event that he does text her back, boy will he be sorry!


We’ve agreed not to publish the response here as Meghan feels it would lose some of its power if Daniel saw it beforehand, but trust us, it is savage.


“The response was just something that came out of an angry girls night at California Pizza Kitchen,” says Meghan. “My friends were all like, ‘Yeah! Yeah! That’s perfect! You should send it!’ So I probably will. If he texts me again. I mean, depending on what he says.”



It’s almost possible to feel sorry for Daniel, “traveling a ton for work,” and “getting over a cold,” not realizing that Meghan has a sick burn locked and loaded on her iPhone that she will almost definitely discharge if he has the gall to touch base again, which may or may not happen.


Meghan did have two conditions under which she would not send the response: if it turned out that Daniel had actually been in some sort of devastating accident that had rendered him unable to use his hands for texting, or if she decided she might as well keep sleeping with him if he ever actually did happen to text her back.


All of us have a guy from our past that we wish we’d told off when we had the chance, and we all know this completely hypothetical text response is going to go viral if he ever gives her a chance to send it. So let’s all raise a glass to Meghan, who will forever be a hero to women everywhere…unless Daniel texts, “Hey sorry I’ve been MIA” in which case she will delete her response immediately.