Incredible! This Woman Finished Telling An Entire Story In This Noisy Bar

Despite the loud, raucous surroundings, 28-year-old Brianna Morris did the impossible Friday night at the neighborhood bar. Onlookers were both shocked and impressed as Morris finished telling an entire story to her friends, who were several inches away.


“I bought a chair off Craigslist and it was insane,” Morris explains. “I had to make sure everyone knew the full story. I mean, it’s a good Craigslist story.”


Brianna’s story began with many interested friends but as the bar grew increasingly crowded and louder, it got incredibly hard for her to stay focused.


“It was truly outstanding to watch her resolve to finish the whole thing,” remembers Brianna’s best friend Julia Gonzalez. “I even watched as Meredith hijacked Brianna’s story midway to finish the Craigslist story. The two stories weren’t related but Briana still found a way to tell us how this chair actually weighed 78 pounds and she had to hire her former boss’ son to carry it home for her.”


The process wasn’t easy. About 23 minutes into the story, Brianna started losing hope.



“The end of it isn’t that exciting and I could tell most of what I was saying was being drowned out by Spin Doctors playing way too loudly, like, directly in my ear,” says Brianna. “Also Peter and Emily showed up late in the story and I was too tired to recap it at that point.”


She adds: “The chair was made in the Civil War and the guy selling it to me was a radio DJ, so it really is a good story.”


Brianna was not without distractions. She even saw her ex walk in at one point but didn’t miss a beat telling how the chair actually converts into a table, even raising her voice so that her ex could hear. He never came over but Brianna “…could tell he could hear.”


“It was unfortunate that I eventually dropped the chair so that it was smashed to pieces,” Brianna explains, at this point to no one. “But as we picked up the chair bits this older woman walked by who is a chair repair woman. How crazy is that?! Guys? GUYS???”