Inspiring! No One On Reality Show Has Ever Connected With Someone This Way Before

Reality television brings people together, and nothing is better proof than the reality show you’re currently watching where none of the contestants have ever connected with someone this way before.


What are the chances?!


One of the male contestants on this dating show, Adam, explained that he’s never connected with anyone as fully as Vanessa, whom he just learned likes college basketball.


“When I heard that I was like ‘Whoa, I watch that too,’” says Adam, 22. “I’ve never had that with a woman before.”



Vanessa, 19, was equally blown away.


“Adam says he usually dates women with straight hair, which is the texture I usually wear my hair,” Vanessa explains. “But then when he said he was looking to settle down in a real relationship, I was really blown away. Because that’s also why I came on the show.”


Other contestants on the show have connected like never before due to similarities in food spiciness preferences, their love for their respective families, exercise, and drinking.


“When I got selected to be on the show I wondered if I be given time to work out, and the producers had totally considered that,” says Liza, 23. “So it just felt like I was in the right place and time to meet someone who also shares a passion for fitness.”


She went on: “That person is definitely Mark, or maybe Trevor, who I’ve also connected with on a really, really deep level.”