Inclusive! Brandy Melville to Implement Magical Realism Into Their One-Size-Fits-All Clothing

In an inspiring new development, life-size Barbie clothing company Brandy Melville announced that they are now implementing magical realism into their controversial “one size fits all” clothing.


Sources say this policy was inspired by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, in which one pair of jeans magically fits four best friends’ wildly different body shapes.


“After years of ignoring everyone’s complaints about our clothing being ‘exclusionary’ and ‘body shaming,’” Brandy Melville spokeswoman Brooklyn Saralee shared via Instagram. “We’re excited to say we have finally been ‘listening’ and ‘learning.’”


“We may have passionately defended our ‘only skinnies allowed’ policy in the past,” Brooklyn stated. “But with extensive focus group research showing us that body positivity is the most profitable avenue to take now, we’re all about making our clothes more accessible, with the power of magical realism – and friendship!”



While the brand remains tight-lipped on how the magical realism will be implemented, reports confirm that it has been beta-tested at the brand’s flagship location in Santa Monica to mixed results.


“It’s kind of hard to tell how well the magical realism has been working, because so much of our clientele who shop here is still the tall, skinny model-adjacent girls that we’ve been solely and wholeheartedly targeting in the past,” said store manager Heather Harris. “So a lot of the regular folk who walk by our window displays don’t realize that the clothes will magically fit them if they just believe hard enough.”


When asked about how the company was going to target all those who had previously been discouraged from Brandy Melville clothing, Brooklyn maintained an optimistic “if you build it, they will come” attitude.


“It may still look like all our clothes remain the same emaciated size, but just like in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, customers are just going to have to trust that they’ll fit. They just have to believe a little more! And, you know, maybe lose a little bit of weight.”