Weird! Friend Keeps Reading a Lot of Books as if She’s Trying to Win a Pizza Party or Something

In odd news coming out of San Diego, CA, your friend Henrietta Perez has been reading so many books lately that you and others are now concerned she’s trying to win a pizza party or something.


Witnesses report that Henrietta has already read four books this month, which some would call a feat only a fifth grader would do for the promise of candy, pizza, or a pajama day at school.


“No one reads that many books unless they’re trying to help win something for the whole class,” you told us. “But Henrietta and I both graduated from college last year, so I don’t know why she’s doing this, or what she’s trying to prove.”


However, Henrietta doesn’t see what she’s doing as a way to win anything — not even the tiniest slice of pepperoni pizza.


“I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m trying to win a pizza party,” Henrietta told reporters. “I don’t even like pizza. I’m just reading because I like to. Why does it have to be some kind of competition?”



According to reports from you and others, it absolutely does.


“I’m not sure what she’s expecting to happen once she hits five books this month,” you added. “But if she gets a pizza party, I definitely hope I’m invited, even though I can’t even remember the last time I finished a book.”


“Are we all supposed to be logging the books we read too?” another friend, Seraphina, asked. “Because if so, then I’m definitely behind schedule. I hope she doesn’t hold it against me.”


Despite the confusion around what exactly Henrietta is doing, and why she could be doing it, she remains crystal clear in her reasoning to pursue her “hobby” of reading as much as possible.


“I’m just knocking a few books off my reading list,” Henrietta told us. “And no, it’s not a reading list that I got from my teacher! Or the library, for that matter!”


You, along with her family and friends, still aren’t completely sure what Henrietta could possibly be reading for, but nevertheless, you all hope you can still get a piece of the pie if you ask really nicely.