I’m Reading in the Break Room, Someone Come Look At Me

Hey. I’m reading in the break room. Most people just eat lunch in here, but not me, I’m reading. A book! Not on my cell phone or a Kindle, but a real, live book. You should probably come see for yourself.


Don’t be mistaken; I’m a busy person with many responsibilities. There are errands I could be running and emails I could be writing, but I decided to take this hour for myself. To read in the break room.


Pretty wow, huh?


I’ve heard that some people spend their lunch hour socializing or catching up on emails. That’s fine for them, but my closest friends are the rich, intriguing world of the characters in my stories. As long as I have a book in my hands I never feel alone. Still, I wouldn’t mind if you came by the break room and checked me out—library joke, ha ha!


Just to clarify, I’m not studying for school, or something superficial like that. I’m reading because I genuinely love to. Even at college when I had real homework, you could always find me sitting on the quad, completely absorbed in a book I found at a local bookstore. Now you can find me in the break room doing that very same thing. I guess I’ll just always be that quirky smart girl you shake your head at adoringly.


Someone just walked past the break room—do you think they saw me reading this book? I hope so.



Most people focus best when it’s quiet, but I’m different. I love background noise. Nothing puts me in the mood for reading more than the hum of the microwave or the whir of the vending machine. Too bad the break room is completely silent—maybe you could change that? Friendly warning: I am in here reading.


Again, it’s not that I don’t have more important things to do. I’m a grown woman with taxes to file. I simply prioritize “me time” and “bettering myself.” This doesn’t mean I need complete privacy though, so don’t be afraid to walk on in. You’ll just see me, reading, in the break room. Haha!
I’ll admit, sometimes I feel insecure about my unique hobbies. It’s hard to be the only one in this office who reads, to be the lone person carrying the stories of Suzanne Collins and Gillian Flynn on her shoulders, to have such a long list of rated books on Goodreads (follow me!). But no matter what I will continue to be proud, to raise my book high into the air, and to keep my library card close to my heart. Even if there’s not a single person around to see that I’m reading in the break room.