I’m Not Saying I Ate a Lush Bath Bomb, I’m Just Saying This One Really Looked Like Chocolate

Like everyone, I’ve been hearing about the bath and body product company Lush for years now. And recently, my friends and I have been really leaning into the concept of “self-care.” So, when Brenda gave me one of their bath bombs, I was so excited! And I, um, totally put it in the bath! Of course! There’s absolutely no way that I, like, bit into the thing.


Why are you asking – did someone tell you something?


When I opened Brenda’s gift, it was wrapped in a cool paper bag that was all like, “We don’t test on animals!” And that’s when I saw the Lush label, and the product that looked almost exactly like this chocolate dessert I had at the restaurant around the corner from my place the other night. But of course I knew at that moment that this giant scented thing was totally meant for the bathtub and not my mouth.


Haha, you guys! You got me! I “ate” a bath bomb! Can you imagine? Haha…lol.


When the bath bomb rolled out of its little paper bag—not a great presentation for a gourmet candy company, uhh, I mean, non-edible bath product company—it really did look like a giant Ferrero Rocher! And for the most part, it felt like one…just a little, uh, waxier. I mean, the thing smelled like coffee and chocolate. Would it so ridiculous of me to assume it was edible? I didn’t, I wanna make that clear. But, like, I don’t think it’d be a stretch if I did.



All I’m saying is that with bath bomb names like “Chocomint” and “Marmalade,” I don’t think I would’ve been a total dumbass if I assumed that these were chocomints or marmalade candies. But I didn’t, which is good. Like duh, they’re literally called “bath bombs.” And I guess the store also sells facemasks and stuff? Certainly not baked goods or sweet treats, which is maybe what someone who is less thoughtful than me would assume.


Not me, though.