I’m Not Looking for a Soul Mate, Unless That’s a Real Thing, in Which Case, Obviously I Want That

A lot of people go into dating with crazy high expectations. They are so consumed with finding their soul mate, or someone who checks off all their boxes. Well, not me. I know that to date successfully, I just have to be open-minded about who I meet. That’s why I know better than to waste my time seeking something that may be a myth – mostly because I think it’s bullshit, but if they do exist then yes, sign me the fuck up.


Look, I have realistic expectations. I know that with commitment and work, any couple that loves each other can make it. But if there is a soul mate for me out there- well that would obviously require considerably less commitment and work, so yeah I would prefer that. I’m just not, like, expecting it, because I don’t know if soul mates are real (yet). But if they are, then like, whoa…right? Right???


Even if soul mates did exist, I don’t even know where I would find one. Meet cutes of fate feel so unrealistic, and there’s no way swiping through tinder is going to get me to mine, and I’m totally ok with that. Unless, of course, my soul mate does exist, and they are also lonely on Tinder and we have cute banter at first and then on our first date our hands will brush by with a little bit of electricity and I will just know that yes, this is home, this is my past, present, and future, this is my true love. Or maybe my soul mate is in India for some reason. If so, this is a really bad system but I’m still here for it.



I don’t need anyone to complete me, because I am complete. I know that in the end, we’re all just human and there’s no way either of us can be “perfect” for each other. But in case there is someone who exists that completes me in like a balances-me-out-helps-me-grow-nurtures-our-relationship kind of way, then hit me up. I’m single.