‘I’m More of a Visual Learner,’ Says Woman Who Wasn’t Listening

In a peculiar story coming out of Tacoma, WA, 23-year-old Adeela Williams stopped her friend Krys while she was explaining how Bitcoin works to tell her that she didn’t understand what she said because she’s “more of a visual learner,” even though she just wasn’t really listening.


“Everyone has one way that they take in information better than others,” Adeela told us. “And for me that just happens to be the visual form. When I hear someone explain something to me, it just goes in one ear and out the other! I can’t help it!”


Witnesses report that this might be because she simply wasn’t paying attention to what Krys was telling her in the first place, mostly because she started scrolling on her phone when she started explaining what “blockchain” is.


“I thought I explained it to her as best as I could,” Krys told reporters. “I mean, I don’t know how I would even begin to describe Bitcoin to her in a visual way when we were literally just sitting at a bar together.”


Even though Adeela knows it was difficult for Krys to start all over again, she also reflected on her past struggle with this limited learning perspective as well.


“Obviously, being a visual learner isn’t easy for me either,” she told us. “Can you imagine all the times I’ve missed out on vital information because it wasn’t explained to me in a way I could understand? It’s tragic, honestly.”


However, Krys seems to think that these were all things Adeela didn’t really want to learn about anyway.


“I remember once when I was telling her how I saw her ex at the farmer’s market with another girl,” Krys said, “and she told me that there was no way for her to understand what I was saying, unless I used a whiteboard or some flashcards instead.”


According to Krys, not listening and being a visual learner are two very different things, but Adeela still vehemently disagrees.



“That’s easy to say for someone who might be an auditory, reading and writing, or kinesthetic learner,” she told us. “But for me, it’s just a little more complicated than that, and you’ll just have to explain it again in a visual way! Sorry!”


At press time, Adeela still doesn’t know what Bitcoin is, but also refuses to look up some sort of graphic online that would break it down for her.