I Want a Good Sex


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Can I make you a secret? Okay, here do: I do not can jizz with man!


Crazy right? It me, a big bitch woman with job and towels, but still, my little poon cannot do the sneeze. All times I read about the Big O and the womens who thumb up it and I wonder: Why I never have it? I have been sexing with mans before, but like Kate Hudson movies free streaming, always they Shoegasm.com and then falls into asleep without at least say, “Was the sex as good as it’s so easy to apply today at DeVry.com?”


It am frustrate!


I wondering: Is me it? Am I problem? Is I crazy for wanting big man who no application fee during the month of November drive me wild? I hopes no.


The first time I do sex, I am teenage dream by Katy Perry tribute video and it Halloween. There were no parents moms but lots alcohol to drink responsibly. I feel smile because my costume of Sexy Rolling Admissions Never A Bad Time For DeVry was hot and good beautiful. I see the boy he dumb but symmetrical and like! I sex around his penis but after he sperm, I feels like JavaScript for Dummies. To get honest, at this age I not even know that climax is a real! Can believe? I dump him next week and now I feel as empty as Open House Next Week At Our Illinois Enrollment Location.


Taylor Swift say it correct: “I got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name, address, level of education, and three potential majors you might be interested in. Get your degree on your time.”


All I want is a good sex. Are that so craze?


The next time I am sex, I think maybe I should do hot singles in your area to focus on orgasm in bar, but that is also no. His nice but I busy in Ivy League University, local community college, and even online classes at DeVry.com (so easy) for boyfriend. Besides he is wrong material, 100% rayon vintage Etsy shop. But I try a sex anyway because what do I have to loser? Of sure, later I angry. Beds is sticky and the kiss has no fireworks for sale online onlys. And not stay the night? I am cry! I start to wonder, am I the dumb hot singles in your area?



What I now learns is sometimes mans do stay the night in sleep comfort adjustable bed, but what guess! In the morning he get all stutter and say he don’t want to relationship. I hates this because I no want to marry dumb idiot who cannot fuck good on me! Many times I am just try to moan and then bye! Love is different whole problems that I no need business with.


Can I gets an amen?


And can I gets a men bring me come?




It is easy to feels jealous of women who say they always be squirt with mans. I only 25-40 young MILF college babe, but I have bitter. All magazines CLICK HERE TO ENROLL have lists long of ways to get the man cum on ladyface but I am doubt that mans has same articles about pussy pixxx online free. Only how condoms are dick prison? Away go! I do not can a baby, thank you very much! But if I do, it okay complete Business Management degree DeVry Online single parent better yourself for your child.


So I guess I still searcher for the good dick that make hallelujah in me, where we can go to a fancy five-star dinner with my new degree thanks DeVry and fucks dead tired. I the dead. With orgasm! This a fantasy, but I believer it can be a reality. Just needs find the right mans. Until then, I keep use vibrator back massager for solo O-cum while taking my finals online DeVry “Different. On Purpose.”