I Relate to Your Dating Struggles Because I Have A Husband – Did You Know I Have A Husband?

Sometimes it can feel isolating being young and married while most of my friends are single. When they go out to clubs and bars, and I like to stay home with my husband! But that doesn’t mean I can’t give dating advice; after all, I dated successfully enough to get a husband! If you’re single, I definitely still relate to your dating struggles because I have a husband. Did I mention I have a husband?


I’m married, which means that I have solved the great riddle that is men – but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. So if you have any sort of dating issue or question about how men’s brains work, you can come to me because I have all the answers! I know everything about men and dating because unlike you, I am married and have a husband. I will take all your worries and concerns and relate it back to me and the time I was dating the man who is now my husband. I have a husband!


I just don’t want the fact that I’m married to my husband to put a strain on my female friendships. I still want to gab and gossip and talk about boys! Specifically I want to give you smug advice based on the experience I’ve gained as a married woman who is married to a man who is my husband. The important thing here is that I have a husband. It’s true!



For example, if you’re dating a guy and you’re not sure if he’s really into you or not, talk to me about it! When I first started dating my husband, I wasn’t totally sure but then I was absolutely sure because he asked me to marry him and he is now my husband! See? Helpful! I have a husband!!!


Or maybe you’ve been dating a different dude every couple months and you’re frustrated and just want to settle down. I can definitely help you there. I’ve dated one man, so I am the queen of settling! Haha I mean, settling down. I dated too! I get it! I am married. To my husband. We’re relating, right? This is fun!


The point is, just because I’m married, doesn’t mean I’m no longer “one of the gals.” So please come to me when you need dating advice! I can’t wait to pass on all the wisdom I’ve gained from having a husband I have a husband did you know I have a husband?!