I Can’t Believe My Ex is Already Engaged in This Race War

The process of breaking up is painful, but it is made infinitely more challenging when your ex moves on right away. My ex and I broke up last week and I can’t believe he is already engaged in this race war that’s happening across the United States.


We JUST broke up!


Not that I’m surprised; I’m just bothered that he moved on so quickly. It’s like he immediately forgot about the special times we shared; now all he cares about now is defending the rights and safety of all American citizens.


Like, does he even think about me while he’s touching those protest signs at night?


It’s not like I was expecting him to be alone forever or anything. If he’s happy committing his life to a socially and historically relevant cause, that’s fine with me. But it’s just so soon. Why does he have to shout from the rooftops that he loves justice and equality and will fight for it until the day he dies right now? Can’t he wait just a little bit before rubbing that in my face?



This race war probably thinks it’s so much more important than me, but I’ve seen the pictures and it looks horrific. I was up all last night going through every single picture of the race war I could find online, and let me tell you, it’s not just “the angle.” This race war looks awful all the time.


I’m so much prettier than this race war; all my friends said so.


I thought about getting engaged to my own cause, but I have to be honest with myself. That would just be to get back at him. I don’t actually care about anything or anyone else right now. Guess that makes me brave, huh?


I spent years picturing myself walking down the aisle toward him. And suddenly, BAM, he’s walking down the street toward the police in riot gear, holding up signs and telling the world how much he cares about dismantling systemic racism. Honestly? You couldn’t have waited like, a week?


Our relationship wasn’t perfect, I get that. But it has to be better than a centuries-long battle over fair treatment and justice. The race war is so demanding and it’s basically taking up all his time. He doesn’t even have time to hang out with his friends or do any of his old hobbies. It’s so sad.


I know I just need to get over it. I have to stop thinking about this civil unrest and focus on what’s really important in my life: me. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to find the social justice battle that will make me feel as passionate as he feels about this race war.