‘I Actually Drive Better When I’m High,’ Says Woman to the Demogorgon in Her Back Seat

On Friday evening, 45-year-old Ariel Celeste was smoking a joint behind the wheel of her car when a demon from the underworld warned her about the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana. However, Ariel recently explained that she actually drives better when she’s high to the mythical Demogorgon who was chilling in her backseat at the time. 


Though the link between cannabis and good driving is unproven, this hasn’t stopped Ariel from experimenting. 


“Sometimes the Demogorgon just shows up in my backseat and he is very helpful!” she said. “He tells me about all sorts of things, like if I’m breathing funny or when my car is shrinking.”


While many people feel paranoid when they’re high, Ariel says she doesn’t feel paranoid at all, stating, “I don’t get paranoid from weed, I’m put at ease knowing my buddy the Demogorgon always has my back.” 


The Demogorgon and Ariel became friends a year ago when she started smoking weed for the first time. 


“One day I decided to hit a bong at my friend’s house and when I went to the bathroom, the Demogorgon appeared,” Ariel explained to reporters. “I was scared at first but then I realized the Demogorgon just wants to hang.”

The Demogorgon loves spending time around Ariel, whether it’s at the foot of her bed at night or in the backseat of her car as she parallel parks. 



“Me and the Demogorgon have gotten really close over the years,” Ariel shared. “I love the bond we have. I can be real with him and in exchange he tells me when the car is drifting or wakes me up when I’m sleeping behind the wheel.” 


Ariel said the Demogorgon is always there in her moments of need. Like, when drivers complain about Ariel’s erratic driving, the Demogorgon “eats them,” according to Ariel.